Costa Blanca Nature Reserves

The Land of Valencia has lots of surprises in store for you!

On the shores of the Mediterranean there is a beautiful Land, a warm and inviting destination waiting for you. Come and see Costa Blanca, Benidorm, Valencia Terra i Mar and the Costa del Azahar in all their splendor.

They are all places where you can enjoy fun in the sun, beautiful beaches, benefit from the climate and keep in shape with your favorite sport, all year round.
Exclusive Costa Blanca property is a great base in which to discover Local history and monuments, meet new friends and participate in lots of fiestas. Where you can follow scenic rivers and mountain streams, rest by a shady fountain, travel down hidden byways and forest tracks... and much, much more

From the shores of the Mediterranean to the grandiose sierras of the interior, the Land of Valencia provides you with a wide variety of natural surroundings.

3,500 km2 of scenery. From the shores of the Mediterranean to the grandiose sierras of the interior, the Land of Valencia gives you the chance to enjoy a wide variety of natural surroundings:
endless beaches, hidden coves, marshlands, rice paddies, salt flats, Mediterranean forests, deep ravines and gorges sculpted by mountain streams... Lots of space for nature lovers.

From north to south, there are twelve protected nature reserves where unique Mediterranean flora and fauna can be found.
Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca nature reserve

This is a flat coastal area separated from the sea by a narrow strip of shingle and sand. It is the major wetland area in Castellón province and considered highly valuable owing to its unique plant and animal population.
Las Columbretes Nature Park

The archipelago of the Columbretes islands is Located 30 miles off the coast of Castellón. These volcanic islands are of great ecological value and are unique in the entire Mediterranean basin. They have been carved by the wind and sea into curious shapes, like the interconnected craters on Isla Grossa and the central chimney of the ancient Carallot volcano.
Desierto de Ia Palmas nature reserve

Located in the municipal areas of Benicàssim, Cabanes, Ia Pobla Tornesa, Borriol and Castellón de la Plana, this scenic nature reserve featuring a 'palm tree desert' has an area of 2,000 ha and forms part of the mountain range that runs parallel to the coast.
Sierra Espadan nature park

This nature park is covered in valuable cork oak groves and pine trees. The park is dotted with tiny villages with Morisco reminiscences and an interesting cultural heritage: castles, the town of Jinquer, and Roman ruins... Local fauna include eagles, badgers, foxes, genets and stone martens.
La Albufera nature park

This is the major wetland area in the Land of Valencia, both because of its size (21,000 ha) and its ecological value. It serves as a principal stopover and a nesting area for water birds. It has four distinct habitats with their own plant and animal life: the shoal or sandbar, the marsh, the lagoon and the forest area. Traditional activities are fishing and rice growing.
Pego-Oliva Marshland nature park

This is another important wetland area in the Land of Valencia owing to the variety of its submarine life. Extending over 1,290 ha, the park includes the river Bullent-Vedat and the southern slope of the Mustalla sierra, the marshland, the coastal sand dunes and the river Molinell Racons.
El Montgó nature park.

The Montgó massif rises up to 750 m just off the coast between Denia and Javea.
This impressive mountain with its own peculiar eco-systems runs parallel to the coast and descends to Cape San Antonio.
El Carrascar de la Font Roja nature park.

In the hinterlands of Alicante province, between the towns of Alco and Ibi, there is a fine Landscape featuring Mediterranean pines and shrubbery of great botanical interest. The history of this park dates back to the 14th century.
The Rock of Ifach nature park.

This enormous mass of calcareous rock measuring some 50,000 m2 stands on the coast, towering to 332 m. in height. It is joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Ifach is noted for its autochthonous rock plant life, some of which is unique to this area.
The Santa Pola Salt Flats nature park.

With a surface area of 2,470 ha, this natural park presents a perfect example of the integration of traditional economic activities, such as salt manufacturing, and the preservation of a wetland area serving as a habitat for many species of water birds.
El Hondo nature park.

This nature park has an area of 2,380 ha and is made up of a series of marshes that are similar to each other but offer different habitats depending on the depth and quality of their waters.
La Mata and Torrevieja Salt Flats nature park.

These salt flats, together with those of El Hondo and Santa Pola, form a wetland triangle which is of great importance for migratory birds. With an area of 3,700 ha, these lagoons are used as nesting sites and wintering area for over one hundred species of water birds.