5 Things That Make Calpe a Great Place to Relocate to

Spain has long been the location of choice for expats and travelers from around the world, with a foreign resident population and with the warmth of its climate and its people. If you are considering joining the thousands of people that opt each year for a life overseas, then consider the below given benefits of living in Calpe, Spain.

Calpe is a beautiful town that is surrounded by a striking countryside and vineyards. It is a coastal town on Mediterranean coast, located in the comarca of Marina Alta and known for its beaches. It attracts a huge crowd of beachgoers in the summertime with its lovely promenades and award-winning coastlines.

Now, I’m sharing some benefits of moving to Calpe:

Sunshine Through the Year
With over 300 sunny days a year, Calpe receives a beautiful supply of golden rays of sunshine. It is a well-known fact that lifestyle and climate affect health. And people who live in sunny and warm climates are much more relaxed and happier than those who live in cold and wet climates.

Beauty in its Best Natural Form
Spain has some truly exceptional natural resources and here you will definitely find a little bit of everything such as lakes, mountains, marshes, forests, valleys, cliffs, volcanoes, and beautiful beaches. Here approx. 40 million tourists come to visit every year. Calpe is renowned for its healthy climate and beautiful coastline.

Relaxed and Enjoyable Pace of Life
Spaniards have a more relaxed approach to life. Here the pace of life is definitely more relaxed and the emphasis is on savouring time with friends and family. They also tend to have a bit of different, slow approach to things, than the rest of Europe, especially when it comes to meals. If you meet Spaniards, don’t expect to have lunch before 2 pm or dinner before 9 pm and also be ready for a lunch break that can last up to two hours. The pace of life here is a welcome change with a great climate, friendly people, and fantastic food.

Optimum Healthcare
The WHO (World Health Organization) has ranked the Spanish healthcare system 7th in the world and their reputation is also well-deserved. In Spain, whether you go to a hospital or in clinics, the medical staffs are well-trained, professional, and friendly and will attend to you in your language. Here facilities are state-of-the-art, well-equipped and clean.

Peace of Mind & Safety
Spain’s high quality of life, healthy climate and easy access to nature are also complemented with modern services in different European languages such as world-class medical assistance and various amenities. According to OCDE (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Spain has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Calpe is quite idyllic, and a very safe destination for tourists and business people alike. And here, you will rarely find issues related to serious crime incidents.

Calpe is an up and coming town located in the province of Alicante on Costa Blanca. The people are very kind and warm and welcoming. Whether you are looking to relocate to this place permanently or looking for a holiday home, then it could be an ideal option for you. We, at Hamiltons of London, having more than 20 years of experience in property management in Costa Blanca, will help you pick the right type of property as per your need and budget with reliable and thorough assistance.