How to Sell Property in the Costa Blanca in a Shorter Time?

Selling a Spanish property can sometimes be a very stressful task. Whether you own a villa, apartment or townhouse, it is difficult to find an investor who is willing to buy your property at the stated price. The quality of location and amenities play a significant part in assuring the fast sale for any Spanish property.

Every property buyer is different and each comes with a unique list of desires. The magnificent views of the sea, narrow streets, art galleries, developed infrastructure and endless adventurous activities attract a large number of property investors from Spain and all over the world annually. A seller needs to be attentive and plan carefully to meet the precise needs of buyers to a great extent.

Let’s look at some tips to tremendously increase your chances to sell property in Spain:-

Tip 1: Try Low-Budget Home Staging Tricks

Home staging is a commonly used practice to prepare a property and make it look appealing to reach the highest number of buyers in a limited time. The primary step in home staging is to make your property look neat and tidy.

Sellers can also use some pocket-friendly home staging hacks like adding a new doormat at the entrance, replace personal photos with artwork, set the tables, arrange rooms with decorative items, and so on. Don’t overdo things; try to keep everything neutral and minimalist.

Tip 2: Set the Price Right

Many sellers tend to change the property price over and over again depending on the fluctuations in the real estate market. Well, this strategy can even go wrong. Don’t overprice your property hoping that you will negotiate later. Pricing your property above average without bothering about the buyers will lead to poor results. It is necessary to find out the actual worth of your property to reach more potential buyers.

Tip 3: Use Smart Advertising Strategy

You need to figure out the right area to reach the highest number of buyers. You can use several channels like magazines, newspapers, social media platforms, and property portals to spread the word about your property. 

Tip 4: Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

You can use one real estate agent in Spain to advertise your property smartly. It is good to look for an agent in your local area who ask normal fees and hold a specialisation in the real estate industry. For an inexperienced seller, it is always better to approach a professional to figure out what works best for them and sell the property in less time at the desired price.

Selling the property in Spain isn’t as hard as it seems if you have the right assistance in hand. The best approach is to keep everything simple, set an average price and reach maximum potential buyers in a shorter time span.

To know the procedure and costs involved in buying and selling a property in Spain, talk to us now!