Which is the Right Place for Property Investments – Calpe or Altea?

A large number of property buyers tend to invest in homes in Alicante every year which makes it one of Spain’s demanding provinces in terms of sales. The level of tourists has also grown tremendously in recent years in both North and South of the Costa Blanca. The Northern region is likely to be more expensive than the southern, with fewer newly-built structures, but every locality and town has its own set of attractions and advantages.

Investing in Spanish properties is a perfect choice for those who dream of living peacefully in a home closer to beaches or want to spend their retirement in a calming environment. When buying a home, many people might get confused among different areas, vicinity and towns. To earn higher financial returns, it is good to conduct proper research on apartments for sale in Calpe and Altea.

In this post, we are going to cover why buying a property in Calpe and Altea is an excellent idea, what to look for when investing and how much does it cost? So let’s find out!

Why Buy Property in Calpe?

Someone who is looking for a relaxed destination on the ocean, enclosed with vineyards and hilly mountains, Calpe could be the best choice for them. The place has a lot of things to offer from sandy beaches to coves, luxurious bars, marina with cafes, restaurants, seafood and much more. 

There is an abundance of street market established for fulfilling shopping and souvenir needs of everyone. The fascinating surroundings and a variety of housing options, including apartments, villas and townhouses, makes it an ideal choice to buy a property.

Why Buy Property in Altea?

Altea is located on the South of Calpe which is a smaller resort around a whitewashed town. It is popular for winding streets, imposing art and diverse cultural scene. Apartments built in the old town or villas in the hills are pretty common and popular in this area. A landmark established on the Northern section, nearest to the Altea golf club is Altea Hills, involving luxurious villas and apartments.

This is a famous hub for many high-class restaurants and fancy shops selling the art or work of local craftsmen. On the outskirts of this town, you will find a wide range of villas and apartments, surrounded by churches, beaches and mountain views.

What to Watch Out for When Investing in Spain?

Spain has always been an attractive choice among foreign property investors and tourists and this situation isn’t expected to slow down sooner. You can’t decide on buying a property overnight. It needs careful consideration and attention on various aspects such as investment goal, location, current real estate market situation, legal status of the property, technical condition of the property, and ROI.

How Much Does Properties Cost in Calpe and Altea?

For something appropriate and decent in Calpe, you will need an average budget of €2,050/m2. On the other hand, property in Altea would cost you around €2,140/m2. Above all, the property prices entirely depend on the locality, infrastructure, condition of the property, facilities, maintenance needs, and so on.

Remember, your patience will definitely pay off. So before buying apartments for sale in Calpe and Altea or any other property type, spend a good amount of time to thoroughly examine all the documents and aspects to avoid potential pitfalls and let your property-buying process go smoothly.