How Much Does Living Costs in the Costa Blanca, Spain?


Giving a new start to life is a matter of huge commitment and responsibility. Many people dream of moving to the Costa Blanca and live a peaceful life ahead, surrounded by mountains, beaches, and a lot of bars and restaurants. For many expats, this seems to be a perfect place to make the most of their retirement and golden years.

Investing in a permanent residence or holiday home in the Costa Blanca could be a feasible option to attain a quality and affordable deal. There are several factors that can influence the living cost in Spain such as location, transport network, lifestyle, surroundings, and so on.

Are you considering moving to the Costa Blanca? Here are some key aspects you should know about living costs in Spain.


Like any country, the living costs and standards in Spain vary depending on whether you’re opting for metropolitan area, seaside area, rural area, or somewhere in the middle. Mostly in small villages and rural areas, you can live at lower costs. While in major cities like Alicante and Altea, prices are slightly high than rural areas, the ‘inexpensive’ mark entirely depends on your point of reference and where you’re coming from.


You can find multiple housing options in the Costa Blanca, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and holiday homes. If you’re a nuclear family, considering a luxurious apartment with an average of two or three bedrooms, proximity to beaches, a large terrace, and beautiful sea views could be an excellent idea. 

If we talk about pricing, it is entirely based on the location, vicinity, maintenance cost, infrastructure, facilities, and various other factors. There are also houses that are available on rent at low prices, so budget-conscious also has a great chance to win the game.


With magnificent beaches, a diverse culture, and sports facilities, the place offers great access to transport networks. Taking a taxi around Denia would cost you €6 – €12, for up to 4KM radius. The price may fluctuate depending on weekends, peak hours, and holidays. On the other hand, local DeniBus that head from the centre to the Las Rotas would cost €1.50 per person, each way. The bus routes from Denia to Valencia would be around €18 to €20 for a couple, one-way. 

The Costa Blanca is known for its serene culture, less stressful lifestyle, pleasant weather and luxurious housing options. Practically, here you can get everything that you pay for.

Now that you have got some useful insight into the living costs in the Costa Blanca, you can live in Denia, Altea, or any other similar place, proximity to beaches, mountain views, cafes, restaurants, bars, and other entertainment options. Conclusively, the cost of living in the Costa Blanca, Spain depends on individuals’ lifestyle, location, vicinity, infrastructure, and other additional preferences.

The Costa Blanca is renowned for its luxurious Spanish properties, covering beautiful landscapes, villages, coast, year-round sunshine, and lively atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for permanent residence or short breaks in your holiday home, it is necessary to do proper research on the real estate market and vicinities for a smart decision. 

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