How to Make a Great First Impression When Renting Your Property?

A well-maintained rental property can help to increase the chance of securing a quality tenant and yield better returns. Whether you’re planning to rent your home for some extra income or looking to sell it but the process is taking much longer than you’d expected, don’t ever go into a home rental without preparation and research.

From making your home appealing to first viewings, the process of letting involves various small details, and keeping with all of them could be a big challenge for a landlord. Before jumping into any conclusion, you should have a good knowledge of busy letting market and know-how to make your home stand out which will eventually help to close a profitable deal. 

Before you dive into any marketing campaign or welcome property hunters, here are a few things you should keep in mind to increase the value of your property so that tenants would love to invest: -


If you’re planning for any major works or your property isn’t impressive enough, it’s high time to start working early before the tenant walk-ins begin. Given that, tenants start looking for a home before move-in date so you need to make sure that your property looks a luxurious one rather than a building site. 


If you want people to sign for your rental home as fast as possible, everything should look tempting in the first place. Even if it means getting a complete makeover to your walls, upgrading your sofas, or taking care of maintenance needs. Prospective tenants will very likely to invest in a house that looks cosy and well furnished.


Keeping each item functional and well-organised should be your topmost priority. When letting your house, it is your responsibility to fix the broken appliance, damaged fixtures/fittings, and test functionality. Your property should meet all the requisites of safety so that tenants would be free of certain household dangers.


Before you sell your property, you’re still a homeowner and if any certain damage is caused, it’s your responsibility. If you’re assuming renting your property was relinquishing all your ownership responsibilities, well that doesn’t. So make sure to safeguard your property through lease and insurance as things those might seem good on paper don’t fully protect you from potential risks.

Small design updates could be a great way to make your property stand out from the crowd and streamline your letting process. It is always better to consult a real estate agent to understand legal requirements and other important aspects to find tenants in minimum time and effort.

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