7 Reasons to Live In Valencia, Spain as an Expat

Valencia is a great place to live in for expats and travelers around the world because of its climate, culture, and incredible historical places. Many people and travelers prefer moving to this city as it offers a great quality life, accessibility to the rest of Spain, low cost of living, Spanish culture & traditions, and more.  This city has many areas to live in like a sea view, buzz of the city, sandy beach, etc.

Are you planning to move to Valencia? If yes, you must the reason to move to Valencia. There are many places in Spain to live in, why choose Valencia. Go through this post and know the reasons to spend your money on Valencia property.


Valencia is a small and beautiful city surrounded by mountains and valleys along with the Mediterranean Sea, fronting the Gulf of Valencia.  The Mediterranean Sea expands over 135kmgiving you numerous opportunities to explore the large sandy beaches and the small, quaint coves.


Accommodation is easier and affordable in Valencia. You can get a wide range of furnished or unfurnished housing options. You will be able to get apartments or villas on rent at the most affordable price in any area.


The cost of living in Valencia is fairly low as compared to the other cities in Spain. Food, drink, renting a house, transportation, and entertainment are so affordable and offer you a great life. If you’re living in a buzzing city, the living cost will be relatively higher as compared to the cost of living in rural areas or smaller villages.


Your trip to Valencia is incomplete without tasty and delicious cuisine. This city offers you a wide range of typical foods that include mouthwatering seafood and delicious desserts.  You can enjoy that taste of Paella and Orxata. You can also try other foods like All-i-Pebre, Mojama de atun, Horchata, Sepia amb Ceba.


Valencia is blessed with a mild climate. So, people visiting Valencia can enjoy the warm temperatures and excellent weather. You are guaranteed to enjoy the sunny weather and cold when move to Valencia in December.


This city is a beautiful place to enjoy the uniquely- designed city of Arts and Sciences, open-air concerts and events, rich heritage, incredible history, etc. Valencia offers travelers many things to do and see. You can enjoy a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere in this city.


Valencia is close to the other two cities of Spain, i.e. Madrid and Barcelona. You can easily travel to Madrid by fast train and reach there in 2 hours, while you can get to Barcelona in approx...3 hours. Not only these two cities are closer to Valencia, but you can also plan a trip to Mallorca, Alicante, or other seaside places in Spain.

Valencia is a perfect place to enjoy Spanish traditions, delicious cuisines, festivals, and so many other things.  Planning to visit Valencia? If yes and looking for some housing options on rent, where you can stay for long-term, hire a real estate agent. Real estate agents can help you decide where to stay,  and how to get the property on the best deal.


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