Spain Golden Visa – How to Invest in Spain and Get the Residence Permit?

The Golden Visa for Spain, commonly known as Spain Investor Visa, is a residence permit issued to non-EU citizens who are interested in investing in Spain. This investment scheme was launched by the government in 2013, making it easier to gain a residency and welcome investors with countless possibilities.

It is a notable route to citizenship in Spain that provides holder and their family members visa-free access to Schengen Zone. And of course, Spain needs no special introduction, comprised of beautiful beaches, gastronomy, diverse culture, and high living standards. 

Thanks to Spain's Golden Visa program that has been permitting non-European Union to make a significant investment in Spain and grant a Spanish residency permit. Get ready to call the magnificent Mediterranean coastline your second, dream home.

Overview of Spain Golden Visa

This Spain Investment Visa was established by the Spanish government to encourage foreign property investors outside the European Union to invest in the country’s economic wealth. Investors and their families who meet a certain criterion and invest at least €500.000 in either real estate, government bonds, business, or bank deposits will be given fast and easy access to Spanish residency.

The best advantage of this program is that government authority doesn’t impose any minimum period of residence. The first residency card is valid for one year (or maybe two years) that can be further renewed every five years. Investors can apply for permanent residency after living in a country for five years. Some nationalities such as former Spanish colonies can get a massive benefit from a reduced period of full-time residency.

Why Spain Golden Visa?

Spain's Golden Visa program is widely popular amongst Russia, China, Brazil, Venezuela, and India. Let’s see what’s the reason behind its popularity.

·  Fast Processing Time – You can probably acquire a Spanish residence permit within 60 days, starting from the time when you’ve submitted your visa application.

· EU Rights – Acquiring a Spanish residency permit allows you to live, work, and study in Spain.

· Travel Visa-Free – As Spain is an EU member when you get the Golden Visa, you can travel visa-free in almost 26 countries.

· Family Residency Plans – Holder’s spouse and children below 18 years will be given residency permits. Other family members can also apply for residency by giving documents that present they are your legal dependents.

· Easy Renewal – The temporary residence permit can be renewed easily and you just need to visit Spain once a year to retain the permit.

Who is Eligible for Spain Golden Visa Program?

Any non-European Union or non-Swiss citizen who qualifies for financial investment in Spain can apply for Golden Visa and residency in Spain, alongside dependent family members. It is considered the most popular citizenship-by-investment program. The best part is acquiring this residency permit is straightforward, easy, and economical as compared to other EU citizenship programs.

How to Apply?

As Spain is inviting investors with open arms, the application procedure for the Golden Visa is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

· Decide the suitable investment route and collect the necessary documents 

· Make your significant investment

· Submit the application at your nearest Spanish embassy. You can even take help from real estate consultants to ensure everything is accurate

· Schedule an appointment for an interview and submit your biometric data

· Spanish government legislation will then examine your application and approve your Spanish Visa

Can’t stop dreaming of enjoying the best life in a Mediterranean climate, perhaps in your luxurious villa? Then, investing in Spanish property is the way to obtain a residency permit. You will also gain family access to a residential home in Spain and all over Europe. 

Let our experts guide you through this Golden Visa procedure to make your real estate investment as smooth and easy to understand as possible.

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