3 Top Maintenance Tips for Your Second Home in Costa Blanca

Purchasing a vacation home in the Costa Blanca region around beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and a bunch of leisure activities is something everyone admires. If you own a second home, the maintenance of your property is a crucial aspect that you shouldn’t neglect at any cost. Keeping your holiday home in a good condition isn’t only help you save money in the long turn but also attract more and more tenants when you put it on rent.

You need to ensure that your property is well-maintained even when you’re away at your primary home. So, the next time you return, you don’t spend a vacation on repairs and maintenance. A second home on a Mediterranean coastline can be an ideal investment because the value increases over time and you can garner higher returns when you decide to sell.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to maintain your second home in Costa Blanca.


After every visitor or tenant leaves, it is essential to clean the unnecessary elements to make your home ready for future tenants. You should check taps, air conditioning, flooring, showers, and other appliances. It is better to address the problem as early as possible before it turns into an emergency. 


Preventive maintenance is an excellent way to make your property look good and ensure to avoid certain emergencies. Note that properties close to the ocean have a tendency to get rust and thereby, you should pay complete attention to your home maintenance needs. 

Below are the maintenance requirements you should closely watch out for:


·  Clean and secure tiles in kitchen and bathrooms

·  Repair leakage issues or any plumbing problems

·  Address the signs of moisture in the ceilings 

· Check circuit breakers

· Examine and replace the fire extinguisher or batteries for smoke alarms


· Clean leaves and debris from gutters

·  Upkeep exterior paint and seal the siding and windows

·  Keep air conditioning units in a good working condition

·  Trim the bushes and trees and check for any issue with the sprinkler system

·  Inspect the roof, fences, windows screens, and gates carefully

·  Check for terminates and other pest issues


Of course, you won’t be planning to stay permanently in your vacation home. And you figure out that you don’t have enough time to complete several maintenance tasks. In this case, you will want to hire a professional who will help meet maintenance needs or find a tenant to ensure the property is well taken care of.

Having a second home in Costa Blanca sounds tempting, but it doesn’t eliminate a lot of planning and details. With the right maintenance tips, you can proactively manage property maintenance and take care of problems before it becomes worse. 

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