Is Buying a Home Economical than Renting? – Let’s Find Out!

To buy a property or rent? It is a question that arises in the mind of many people at some point in time and thereby, understanding the right route is extremely important. Earlier, renting seemed to be an economical alternative to being a homeowner but in the last few years, the real estate market scenario has changed drastically.

There are hurdles in the way of high housing prices and incredibly huge deposits and thereby, buying a home works out quite well than renting a property. However, making a decision between buying and renting a home will affect your lifestyle as well as financial health, so choose wisely. 

Read on to understand how buying a home is a cost-effective alternative to renting.


Those who own property could save more than renting a property. The monthly repayment of a first-time homeowner is significantly less than renting a home with no assets owned. It is a true fact that homeowners need to pay for maintenance, home improvements, or if they have a leasehold home, ground rents and service charges also arise.

However, renters often need to pay extra monthly or annual costs as well and high mortgage repayments hold them back from saving more deposits.


Let’s be honest, buying a property in the first place isn’t as easy as it sounds, wherein first-time buyers need to pay huge deposits to secure a home. But thanks to low-interest rates, which is encouraging potential buyers to opt for this alternative method of saving. Plus, homeowners can give property or additional space on rent to earn more passive income.


Homeownership has plenty of benefits, including a sense of stability, pride of ownership, predictable cash flow, and flexibility. If you spend money for being a homeowner, you don’t need to pay for some expenses as a renter such as property taxes, repairs and maintenance, trash pickup, water and sewer service, pest control, pool cleaning, and more.


Buying a property can help you increase your net worth in many ways that renting cannot. Owning property allows you to create a valuable asset that is a worthwhile investment than just having a place to live. Owning a home can be a smart financial decision, all you need to invest carefully to earn maximum ROI.


Buying a home isn’t only a financial step for now but it is something you will be committed to for a long time. For many people, renting out their homes is a wonderful way to earn a passive income. You can live in one unit and rent out the other and by making this move, tenants might cover your mortgage.


Whether you wish to buy a property or live on rent, of course, nothing comes easier in hand. Both the routes have their own challenges and advantages but you need to think more towards long-term commitment and financial benefits to make the best bet. 

Buying a home is a huge financial investment with upfront costs to take into consideration and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Once the mortgage is paid off, rewards will be countless and you will have a valuable asset in your control.

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