Which Property Type You Should Invest in – Apartments or Villas?

Although property investors have the option to choose between villas and apartments, knowing the difference between the two will take you on a profitable route. The locations like Calpe, Javea, Denia, and many more in the province of Alicante are in huge demand in recent months.

A large number of Spanish properties are available that give you easy access to spacious rooms, a private terrace and garden, and other basic amenities. However, whether to buy an apartment or villa is something you should think about to yield superior results. 

Let us guide you through crucial deciding factors to help you choose wisely between villas and apartments.

Basic Difference Between Apartments and Villas

Apartments are built with high-rise structures, carrying living spaces in various units and configurations. On the other hand, villas are low-rise structures considered independent luxury residences. Villas attract more active investors, high-profile people, and someone who has a wealthy lifestyle. 

Price Range

There is a significant difference in the pricing of villas and apartments. Both involve regular maintenance, upkeep, and additional charges. For instance, if you buy an apartment within a holiday complex, the association will take care of maintenance.

Luxurious villas are typically purchased by those who can pay for maintenance and cleaning staff. The pricing may vary depending on the location, type of property, facilities, general maintenance needs, and other aspects.

Return on Investment

If you have a nuclear family, living in a small apartment is a practical option for you. Owing to its affordability and practicality, many investors have been buying apartments as a dream home or for rental purposes to earn maximum ROI. 

The scenario with villas is quite different. Keeping its costly upkeep in mind, the rental yield is low for villas besides the basic value. In case you’d wish to opt for real estate investment for high rental income, it is crucial to determine the type of locals in your area.

What to Buy – Villas in the Outskirts or Apartments in the City

Location is key just like the price. The crucial factor behind choosing between villas or apartments is the proximity of the places that benefit your daily life such as restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, etc. 

Villas are usually located in the city outskirts whereas apartments provide various choices in terms of location, both within the city limits as well as outside. If you’re a single person who has moved for work, you need to pay close attention to apartments for sale whereas if you're a traveller or sole occupant whose days will be often spent outside the home should opt for villas.


Both villas and apartments have their fair share of pros and cons. Don’t forget to take other factors into account such as security, facilities, community, etc. While villas provide space and liberty to live a luxurious life, apartments offer numerous benefits in terms of security, ease of rent out, and access to communal facilities. Ultimately, making the selection between the two comes down to your personal preference.

Whatever the property type you decide, there is always some research to do and that’s where our professional team can help you. We will help you discover a clear picture of Spain real estate market scenario and make your investment journey hassle-free.