Selling Your Home: What You Need to Know?

Planning to sell your property in Spain? Selling your valuable asset will bring you cost, uncertainty, and a sense of responsibility. Property evaluation is necessary and you should be prepared for the potentially extensive procedure.

It is worth investing time and effort into things like research, planning, current market rates, documentation, and more. You need to see elements from a buyer’s perspective and understand the common pitfalls. Here’s all the useful information you should know before selling your overseas property.
Is it the Best Time to Sell Property in Spain?

Spanish property prices have increased by 4.68% during 2019. However, the COVID-19 hit has affected the housing market of Spain. Even though there are signs of recovery, pricing indexes are showing a significant drop in property prices. While deciding whether you wish to sell your home, ensure to do homework in advance and one of the best solutions is to consult a local real estate agent.

Do you Need Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property?

Selling the property on your own will save you commission fees if you’ve got plenty of time and patience. But whether you love or hate it, local real estate agents have the skills, knowledge, and experience to take a lot of pressure of selling a property. There is nothing that could stop you from making a final deal if you enter into an agreement and set a reliable price.
Prepare Your Documents

Keeping your documents handy and well-organised will make things smooth and easy to understand. Here’s what you need:

· The title deed of the property

·  Receipts of local municipal property tax

· Copies of utility bills

· Community statutes details

· A list of items included in the sale

· Residencia card, if you have any

Procedure for Selling a Home in Spain

The good news is a buyer and real estate agent will do most of the work. Pay attention to conducting necessary due diligence checks and be satisfied with the result. The closing deal comes in a meeting, wherein the buyer, local agent, and legal representative will be present. As a seller, you will need to pay for estate agency commission, energy performance certificate, capital gains tax, and plusvalia tax.

How to Speed Up your Property Selling Process?

There are many factors that may influence the sale of a property. Here are some tips that could help:

· Home makeover

Get rid of personal items, declutter, revamp in neutral shades, add plants and mirrors. Also, make sure there are no signs of pets and mess. 

· Market your property well

Make sure you capture and showcase the best photos possible and choose the right agents to promote your property smartly.

· Set a realistic price

If you’re unfortunate enough to buy when property prices in Spain when at a peak but you wish to sell, you may expect a loss. Be prepared to agree to a contract, if it seems ideal and genuine.

Do not get overstressed with an abundance of tasks. Speak to our real estate agents and let us handle the rest, from research to understanding each aspect and selling a property in a comprehensive manner. Contact us to find more about the real estate market in Spain.

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