Real Estate Market in 2022 – Why Invest in Spanish Properties?


2021 has been a year for recovery after the COVID-19 hit and significant returns, with eased travel restrictions, more international buyers, and steady income possibilities. The property market is attracting local and foreign investors again and as a result, sales have increased and, in some areas, returned to the pre-pandemic stage, such as Costa Blanca.

Property prices have returned to an upward level with newly constructed buildings marking a forefront at innovation and high-end facilities. But what does the economy and real estate market mean for investors in 2022 and beyond? Is 2022 is the right time to invest in Spanish properties? Keep reading to learn more.


The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to think about quality living standards more than ever. In such an environment and vision, Spain has a lot to offer to the domestic population, foreigners, and even remote workers, particularly an improved quality of life what has been a major focus ever since the pandemic.

We witness a quite healthy property market in Spain in upcoming years because investors are seeking luxurious and safe properties and also buying second homes outside the city area for pleasant weather conditions. Those with a high-end budget are opting for more space either in cities or outside or planning to buy small apartments for peace of mind. 

In the post-COVID-19 scenario, the demand for properties located close to the beach, second homes, private outside space, closer to sports and children’s facilities, and magnificent views have strongly increased.


It is being recently predicted that property prices will witness a 2% rise in 2022, specifically in the most sought-after place like western Costa del Sol. Perhaps, there is plenty for space for growth since Spanish properties are performing well with solid demand and new-built houses.


As saving are returned to the pre-crisis stage and the mortgage interest rate is still below zero, everything points to strong demand for properties in the upcoming year. Land sales continue to grow with purchase increases in the sector and moderate prices rising for land in 2022.


New lifestyle trends after the pandemic have driven constant demand for newly constructed homes. These may include larger homes and high-end finishes; both are considered sought-after characteristics among homebuyers. 2022 will see a continued demand since supply within the newly-built real estate sector is still lagging behind demand.

So, as per our vision and prediction for the Spanish property market in 2022, the sector will be highly resilient due to growing demand among buyers, particularly foreign investors. We believe these active trends will continue to set a benchmark in the demand and supply chain of Spanish properties.

Everything within an economic context, stable prices, and demand, it makes perfect sense to invest in Spanish properties in 2022. If you need to discuss your queries, we’d be more than glad to advise you on the best location and property that suit your requirements.

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