6 Types of Property Options in Spain – Find that Fits Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for a house to live permanently, holiday accommodation, or property for tourist rent, the Spanish real estate market is full of diverse and attractive options. In fact, Spain's regions remain a favourite destination for expat buyers and renters, especially those who wish to buy property by the sea on the famous Mediterranean coast.

There is a large variety of property types for sale available in the Spanish market, but choosing the suitable one can be overwhelming. In this guide, we will help you understand about types of properties you will find across Costa Blanca and other Spain regions, with the pros of each one.


Apartment/flat blocks are very common throughout Spain, while the quality, infrastructure, size of such properties may vary from a tiny studio to a double-storey duplex or a luxury penthouse. The prices might be slightly higher if the residence has communal areas, including a swimming pool, garden, or tennis court.


· Low maintenance than a house

· Good security standards 

· The use of communal areas


People in Spain also prefer to live in a detached house on a coastline, but it is more associated with holidays in most cases. Villas are largely owned by foreigners who use them as a second home during weekends and summer holidays. You can take the help of a local real estate expert to find villas that are a part of a residential complex, equipped with a private pool and garden, communal areas, and other facilities.


· Not attached to other units

· Luxurious and spacious enough

· Peaceful and quiet as they are mainly located outside urban areas


The townhouse is the equivalent of terraced or semi-attached houses in Spain. It often has a communal garden area and shared swimming pool, especially if they are on the coast. You will find townhouses in the outskirts of towns, which can be an economical choice than a luxury villa.


· Affordable than buying villas

· Often come with communal facilities

· More spacious than apartment


Bungalows are a popular choice in Spain’s coastal regions. It is very likely referring to an apartment in a 2-storey house with a flat roof, large veranda, and adjacent land.


· Affordable than a villa

· Low maintenance costs


This can be a great alternative to a detached house. Irrespective of whether you’re seeking a house where you could live permanently or planning to invest for profit, row houses can be a viable choice. 


· Attractive prices

·  Low maintenance costs

· Comfortable and spacious

· Variety of offers, from secondary to primary market


Semi-detached houses, also known as duplexes in Spain are an ideal solution for families who are looking for properties at reasonable prices. Typically, buying and maintaining such property can be affordable, as compared to expenses linked with a detached single-family house. At the same time, it gives you access to a garden area, pool, terrace, and garage.


The key to finding the right Spanish property is approaching experienced real estate agents at Hamiltons of London. We will advise and help you examine every aspect of the property, including infrastructure, property sales, region, prices, property type, and additional maintenance needs before you close a final deal.

Certainly, there is no shortcut to buying or selling property in Spain. So, our team dedicatedly focuses on research to help you find the property of your dreams. Whether you wish to rent, intend to buy a luxurious property, or learn more about the challenges involved, feel free to get in touch with us.


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