Which is the Best Investment Decision - Apartment or Villa?

If you want to live under the stunning Spanish sun and enjoy pleasant weather, Calpe is the perfect destination. With magnificent landscapes, incredible expat community, and economical properties, the place is attracting more and more local and foreign investors every year.

Choosing between an apartment and a luxurious villa can be hard when you plan to invest. After COVID-19, the home has become a multi-faceted unit that equips the gym, office, garden, and whatever else you adore. In this post, we will highlight the basic differences between an apartment and a villa to help you make a rational decision.

Comparison – Apartments vs Villas

Apartments are usually comprised of high-rise structures in varying configurations while villas are independent residences. If we talk about pricing, a villa would often cost more than a luxury 4BHK apartment. The apartment-based project allows a developer to build high-rises. On the other hand, villa projects are low-rise construction that doesn’t exceed two floors.

Scope for Customisation

Villas have immense scope for customisation. These can be modified to showcase changing tastes and styles in the real estate market. This level of freedom isn’t possible in an apartment and moreover, expansion or reconstruction isn’t easy. People who want to keep changing their interiors tend to invest in villas as the renovation can be easy in individual properties due to huge areas and ownership.

Return on Investment

Apartments are a clear winner in such aspects. Nuclear families often need small set-ups like flats in an apartment and owing to its affordability, it can be an ideal option. If we analyse expensive maintenance, apart from the basic value of the villa, the rental production is low. Apartments are more popular in the rental market as it is comparatively economical, low maintenance, have better security, and are ideal for small families.

Should You Invest in an Apartment or Villa Project?

If you’re deciding between a villa or a flat in an apartment complex, there are a few things to consider to make a worthwhile real estate investment. Buying a house in itself, whether it is for living or as an investment, will be life’s biggest expense, which is why it is crucial to make the best selection with proper due diligence and care.

Keep key parameters in mind including cost, location, type of family, customisation, proximity, mortgage rates, neighbourhood, lifestyle, and special needs. While villas offer freedom and space, the apartment offers significant benefits in terms of better security, ease of being rented out, access to club facilities, and more.

If you’ve been considering moving to a luxurious apartment or villa, you can talk to our experts at Hamiltons of London to understand the real estate market and fulfil your desires. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.